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Luscombe Aircraft Photos

These Luscombe pictures are a community effort that depends on contributions uploaded by enthusiasts such as yourself. Photos are listed from newest to oldest. See the bottom of this page for a link that will allow you to upload your own Luscombe photos.


Description Posted By Date Posted Size (Bytes) With Text Photo Only
One of the highlights of each Continental Luscombe Association fly-in is an outing to Kent and Sandy Blankenburg's place for an incredible party. Words cannot describe the experience, but this photo shows a small fraction of the Luscombes and other historic aircraft that turn out. Suffice it to say that the EAA museum can't trump this display of hardware. Mike Culver 5/19/2003 70,765 View View
A perpetual head turner: Doug Combs in the "Speedbird", a turbine-powered, clip-wing Luscombe 8 series. Mike Culver 5/19/2003 79,950 View View
Columbia 2003... A happy Michael Wright (visiting from England) is about to take his first ride in a T-8F. Not just any T-8F: this plane, owned by Dan McNeill, won Reserve Grand Champion at the fly-in. Mike Culver 5/19/2003 73,876 View View
The new Continental Luscombe Association board of directors for 2003/2004. From left to right: Jim and Patti Sani, Mike Culver, Garrett Nievin. Mike Culver 5/19/2003 69,402 View View
Jim Zazas' workout routine while camping at Columbia. The man is strong... very very strong. Sharon and Bill 5/19/2003 423,050 View View
Bill T. and Dan McNeil get some ground school from Jack Norris. Sharon and Bill 5/19/2003 439,229 View View
The essence of Columbia... the setting anyway. You can see the airplanes with the setting sun on them through the forested area where the campers are - see the tent? One of many. Sharon and Bill 5/19/2003 453,815 View View
What follows is a "Proof of Concept" series. The concept: Airplanes polished with Nuvite attract babes, Dan says. Here, Dan would say, is the proof . The photographer only caught a fleeting image of the first VS model - she shy'ed away from the camera because she wasn't getting paid scale. Sharon and Bill 5/19/2003 427,629 View View
Roseanne, a friend of Jeff Wieland, was attracted to Dan's airplane. Roseanne was lots of fun and did exceedingly well at the drawings held after dinner. She won several chances on the Win Me. See you next year, Roseanne! But wait. This is about Nuvite.... Sharon and Bill 5/19/2003 434,806 View View
Tinkerbell - Connie Birse - also could not resist the charms of Nuvite. Connie is so cool - she recognises the names of EVERYONE on her mailing lists. Not much gets by Connie. Sharon and Bill 5/19/2003 438,518 View View

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